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    Code Break promo

    Code Break is an interactive web app consisting of three ciphers: Pigpen, Caesar and simple substitution (solved by frequency analysis). Earn stars for each challenge, and learn about code-breaking through the ages by playing our interactive ‘Could you be a code breaker?’

    Created by the Open University

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    Untitled 1
    Maths Week Scotland 2021 Activity Pack

    New for 2021, these pack contains ways to celebrate and enjoy Maths Week Scotland with early, first, second or third/fourth level children, either at home or school.

    Content by Education Scotland

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    Twinkl Logo RGB Coloured Background
    Twinkl Resources

    Twinkl Scotland have been working in collaboration with Maths Week Scotland to produce a range of resources. Find a wide range of resources linking to and informed by Curriculum for Excellence, which support teaching and learning maths. These resources include talking cards, activity sheets and classroom ideas to get pupils talking about and engaging with maths.

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    Join in with #ShowYourWorking on Twitter. Find great examples of maths in a wide range of careers and encourage parents and carers to take part too.

    Download the pack to find out how your class can get involved.

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    STEM Ambassadors Resources

    STEM Ambassadors can help you to bring to life STEM subjects and in particular maths and numeracy. Our 2021 Schools Guide includes the new "But when will I ever use this?" careers resource, Marvellous Maths videos, Careers Cards resource, and Breakout Maths challenges.

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    Chris Katrina 02
    Navigation Workshop Videos with Dynamic Earth

    Looking at the maths in the world around us, this workshop will cover how we navigate around the world, both historically and in modern times!

    It features topic videos and activity resources to have a go at yourself in the classroom or at home, requiring no specialist equipment beyond a compass and a tape measure!

    We look at what navigation is, latitude & longitude, what Edinburgh's One O'clock Gun is for, how SatNavs work, and a timeline of navigation from pre-history to now!

    Designed to complement aspects of the Curriculum for Excellence in maths, science (physics), and geography, or to be used in informal education settings as activities to reinforce learning, workshop's educators' page has a full list of curriculum links.

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    Shape Up

    Daily videos and activities to do with your class or at home covering topics including classification, patterns and symmetry. Teachers notes and plans are also provided.

    Content created by the Scottish Mathematical Council

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    Maths Week Scotland Challenges

    Put your skills to the test in our Maths Week Scotland challenges. From photography to puzzles there is something for Early Years right up to S6!

    • Maths Week Scotland Daily Challenges test your logic and maths skills. They also come with video hints from BBS Scotland Learning if you are stuck.
    • If digital games are your thing, Sumdog and TT Rock Stars have a range of games for all ages to access from home.
    • Maths Wi Nae Borders is back for classes to complete together.
    • Explore the world though maths eyes with the Maths Inside competitions. See past winners to get inspiration for your own adventures.
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    Show Your Working Postcard Lucy B
    National Museums Scotland #ShowYourWorking

    Staff across National Museums Scotland are sharing how important maths is in their work as part of Maths Week Scotlands #ShowYourWorking campaign. Check out them out on Twitter Why not have a go at some of the activities below! Let us know how you get on @NMSEngage and @MathsWeekScot on Twitter.

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    Science Skills Academy Outdoor Maths

    These downloadable resources include 17 activities for classes to enjoy outside

    Created by Science Skills Academy

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    One Mole
    Bookbug Sessions

    New sessions for 2021! Use resources developed by The Scottish Book Trust to embed numeracy into early years activities. This resources contains ideas for activities, songs and rhymes to help plan fun sessions with a numeracy focus.

    Counting songs and rhymes, finger counting and props can help reinforce number sequences, physical values of numbers and children's overall awareness of numbers.

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    Learn with Will

    You’ll learn how to measure different parts of a circle, like the radius, diameter, circumference, and area. You’ll also get to meet a very special number called pi that connects the circumference and area together.
    If you want to keep practicing, download the worksheet, which includes the chance for you to uncover a magical spell and see a brand new stone circle come to life! ( And make sure to check your answers: (

    Is there something you want to learn? Email to request a video.

    Content by Learn with Will

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    ASI OPEN 2020 487
    Maths on Flags: Mindset Maths through Golf

    New for 2021 these resources are a fun way to explore maths through golf – there are also prizes to be won!

    From pars to handicaps, wind speed to distance, ball trajectory to the slant of the green, almost every aspect of golf relies on numerical calculation.

    Developed by Winning Scotland and Aberdeen Standard Investments in support of the Making Maths Count ambition to engage more pupils in maths in real-life contexts

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    Intergalactic Adventure

    Ready for another mathematical adventure? Complete your Intergalactic Passport Application Form and prepare for a journey to the Planet Turasmara.

    Watch this space for more maths fun from the Scottish Mathematical Council with new challenges released each month.

    Can you fit all of your cargo into your spaceship? How will you get the creatures of Turasmara safely across the river without them eating each other?

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    Enchanted Forest19 Marketing 42
    Women in Maths

    Maths Week Scotland interviewed women for whom maths is at the core of their job. Whether it is statistics, bridges or budgets these women rely on maths every single day.

    Kids (and adults!) often struggle to identify why maths is useful unless they want to be a maths teacher or banker. Watch these videos together and talk about how maths is important in a huge range of jobs - whatever your interest!

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    Rainbow Trail digging for gold
    Rainbow Hunters

    The trails included

    • Timing how fast they could get round
    • Matching colours and shapes.
    • Digging for gold and weighing balance scales
    • Investigating shiny objects, reflections and symmetry

    At the end of the week parents and families to joined a Rainbow Hunt at the local nature park with maths activities. Each family received e a Rainbow Maths Bag to use over the October holiday containing simple maths activities and resources such as coloured lollipop sticks for measuring and matching.

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    Lochdonia Manor
    Escape from Lochdonia Manor

    Use your logic, numeracy skills and your wits to escape Lochdonia Manor.

    Work your way through the rooms, find the codes and defeat the guard!

    Created by the Scottish Mathematical Council

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    Engima workings
    Museum at Home

    Find blog posts of unsung mathematical heroes and how maths and data tracks sharks. Discover the exciting world of code-breaking with the morse code simulator and a look inside an enigma machine.

    Think you've got what it takes to be a code breaker? Try the Cryptography Challenge. Each answer is an exhibit at the National Museum of Scotland.

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    Castle Trail Header edit
    Castle Quest at Edinburgh Castle

    How did maths build the castle? How did division help people survive a seige?

    Explore Edinburgh Castle and your local area through maths eyes with our activities aimed at P5-7 pupils.