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Maths Week Scotland 2020 Highlights

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Create a nature book, become an architect and get outdoors with Maths Week Scotland Activity Packs

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Explore a castle, dance a ceilidh and break out of an escape room. All from the kitchen table.

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Maths Week Scotland
27 September - 3 October 2021

Maths Week Scotland is a celebration of the importance of maths in our everyday lives.

Enjoy events and activities across Scotland, and find out about the maths in everything from solar flares to robots.

We're planning a series of special events throughout the year so follow the hashtag #MathsWeekScot and also our Twitter to keep up to date with the latest news.

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Did you know?


Maths helped develop the very first bionic arm right here in Scotland!

Maths helped develop the very first bionic arm right here in Scotland!

Building prosthetics that mimic movement of hands is tricky. We know how far our fingers need to move and where to position them to press a button with the right amount of force without thinking.

Mathematical models were used to help calculate the forces and movement needed to mimic the motion of human fingers. Scientists can use this information to program the i-limb.

Using this technology, prosthetics like the i-limb, help people all around the world. Read the story of the i-limb here.



Designers and makers use maths to create their designs. From the technical to the creative, maths and fashion go hand in hand.

Fashion designers need to understand geometry to make their 2D drawings to fit our 3D bodies. When designing clothing, measurements are very important to make sure they are consistent for every size.

Fashion has also been inspired by maths. Creative director Dai Fujiwara , was inspired by prize winning mathematician’s work and created a collection for Issey Miyake based on the mathematicians geometry link models. Others like Holly Fulton make use of tesselating patterns in their work whilst Hussein Chalayan created a dress able to be folded into an envelope (both on display at National Museum of Scotland)

As technology evolves, fashion designers such as Iris Van Herpen are using 3D printing to design and print clothes and shoes.

So, the next time you are shopping for new clothes, think about the maths that helped create them!


Driverless Cars

The future may be driverless and mathematicians are helping that vision become a reality.

Mathematicians work with engineer to calculate the right speed to drive to save energy, avoid accidents and how to make optimal route decisions.

Some mathematicians think that driverless cars will reduce traffic jams. Using mathematical models, they can suggest how to change road infrastructure. Driverless cars could also communicate with huge data banks with information on available parking spaces reducing the length of time cars spend looknig for one. By driving within speed limits, reacting faster, and choosing the least congested routes, driverless cars could help us become a traffic jam free world!


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