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    NGS the beauty of maths activity header
    National Galleries Scotland: The Beauty of Maths

    This resource aims to inspire learning about maths, through art. We’ve put together a powerpoint ready for you to use in school, or print out to use on a gallery visit to the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art.

    You can select the tasks that best suit your learners, try them in any order and adapt to suit. Activities include: Tesselation, Scale, Favourite numbers, Describing Shape, Symmetry and Pattern.

    Created by National Galleries Scotland

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    Ancient Egyptian Maths 1200x675
    Ancient Egyptian maths resources

    These ancient Egyptian maths worksheets are designed to explore maths and ancient Egypt for a Level 1 learner.

    • Count Like An Ancient Egyptian: Explore how ancient Egyptians wrote and used numbers and have a go at some real ancient Egyptian maths problems.
    • Pyramid stones: Discover how huge stones were moved across Egypt to build the pyramids and have a go at building your own ancient Egyptian model boat.
    • The Rhind papyrus: Try to crack this real ancient Egyptian maths problem.

    Created by National Museums Scotland

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    Activities Preview Intergalactic Adventure
    Intergalactic Adventure

    Are you ready for a mathematical space adventure? Prepare for a journey to the Planet Turasmara. Download and complete your passport application ready for boarding, then solve the six space maths challenges!

    Can you fit all of your cargo into your spaceship? What number sequence will open the spacecraft door? How will you get the creatures of Turasmara safely across the river without them eating each other?

    Created by the Scottish Mathematical Council

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    Looking and listening preview
    Looking and Listening for the Beauty in Maths

    This series of five videos focuses on the mathematics in Art and Music. Topics covered include rhythm, pentatonic scales, tiling and tessellation, and the works of Piet Mondrian.

    Each video is accompanied by a brief description, any web-links referred to in the video and a list of key vocabulary to support planning and preparation.

    Created by the Scottish Mathematical Council for Maths Week Scotland 2022

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    Numberella 1200x675
    Numberella Interactive Adventure

    Join Numberella, Ronnie Resist, Miss A Go and The Thief in an exciting interactive adventure that will take you deep into the jungle of the lost world of Meravilium. Use your maths skills to help the adventurers outwit the mysterious talking creatures who guard the great pyramid… and help them discover the secrets that lie inside!

    There are two difficulty levels to choose from, one for the 7-10 age group and one for the 11-14 age group. Everyone who completes the adventure wins a certificate!

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    Learn with Will Block Preview 1200x675
    Learn with Will

    Learn with Will is a video series of Maths, Science and English. Join Chris and Will on their magical adventures as they bring stone circles to life and summon magical forest spirits, to help you learn about measuring circles.

    In Bringing Magic Circles to Life, you'll learn how to measure different parts of a circle, like the radius, diameter, circumference, and area. And in Summon Magical Forest Spirits, you’ll learn how to measure more parts of a circle, like the arc and sector. And there's worksheets to download too, if you want to keep practicing.

    Content by Learn with Will

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    Maths Makes Art image
    Maths Makes Art

    In a series of four videos, children demonstrate how mathematical principles including symmetry, tessellation and 3D shapes, can be the basis for a huge range of art and craft projects. Cubic chickens, cat portraits, stained glass windows, stencils, a birthday card for your granny…

    The videos are made with children in mind, but are suitable for all ages - try for yourself!

    Created by Anne McNaught and Johanna Hall

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    Sumdog Resources image 1200x675
    Sumdog Times Tables Pack

    A good understanding of times tables, and the ability to recall them quickly, is an essential foundation for children’s learning. So at Sumdog, we've made all our practice tools fun and engaging - and completely free!

    Download our Times Tables pack to access our Pathway to Multiplication Success, lesson plans and times tables cards to use during Maths Week Scotland.

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    Jo Jo Gnome The Maths Challenge
    JoJo Gnome & The Maths Challenge

    An ideal story for ages 3-6, this early years resource covers counting from 1-20 , large and small sizes, sorting shapes and encourages creativity in an outdoor setting.

    To watch the video, including a BSL version, and for details on how to request a supporting PDF sheet for teachers, visit the JoJo Gnome website.

    Created by Jo Hall

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    Scotdec maths resource
    Issue to action: Maths

    These resources offer maths teams an opportunity to take an applications approach within the BGE phase. The materials explore 3 broad themes – climate change, gender equality and migration – with 2 sets of activities for each theme supported with a PowerPoint presentation.

    Created by Scotdec

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    STEM Ambassadors Activities Preview v2
    STEM Ambassadors Resources

    STEM Ambassadors can help you to bring to life STEM subjects and in particular maths and numeracy. Download our handbook and visit our website for resources, including the "But when will I ever use this?" careers resource, Marvellous Maths videos, Careers Cards resource, and Breakout of Maths Stereotypes challenges.

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    Twinkl Logo RGB Coloured Background
    Twinkl Resources

    Twinkl Scotland have been working in collaboration with Maths Week Scotland to produce a range of resources. Find a wide range of resources linking to and informed by Curriculum for Excellence, which support teaching and learning maths. These resources include talking cards, activity sheets and classroom ideas to get pupils talking about and engaging with maths.

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    Navigating Our World
    Navigating Our Word

    Navigating our World has been developed by the Learning and Engagement Team at Dynamic Earth, with funding from Maths Week Scotland, to highlight the maths in the world around us and relate it to topics such as outer space, map reading, and world history.

    In this workshop we give an introduction to navigation; discuss the history and uses of latitude and longitude; visit Edinburgh’s One O’clock Gun and discuss the speed of sound; look at how satellite navigation works; and wrap it all up with a timeline of the entire history of navigation. Ideal for learners working across second-fourth level and can be access in a modular and on-demand way through videos and downloadable resources in your classroom

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    SMC logo for Wares article 1
    Shape Up

    Daily videos and activities to do with your class or at home covering topics including classification, patterns and symmetry. Teachers notes and plans are also provided.

    Content created by the Scottish Mathematical Council

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    Show Your Working Postcard Lucy B
    National Museums Scotland #ShowYourWorking

    Staff across National Museums Scotland are sharing how important maths is in their work as part of Maths Week Scotlands #ShowYourWorking campaign. Check out them out on Twitter Why not have a go at some of the activities below! Let us know how you get on @NMSEngage and @MathsWeekScot on Twitter.

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    Thumbnail IMG 5904
    Science Skills Academy Outdoor Maths

    These downloadable resources include 17 activities for classes to enjoy outside

    Created by Science Skills Academy

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    Activity packs box preview image
    Maths Week Scotland 2022 Activity Pack

    New for 2022, these pack contains ways to celebrate and enjoy Maths Week Scotland with early, first, second or third/fourth level children, either at home or school.

    Download all Activity Packs from 2022 and previous years via the link below.

    Content provided by Education Scotland

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    One Mole
    Bookbug Sessions

    New sessions for 2021! Use resources developed by The Scottish Book Trust to embed numeracy into early years activities. This resources contains ideas for activities, songs and rhymes to help plan fun sessions with a numeracy focus.

    Counting songs and rhymes, finger counting and props can help reinforce number sequences, physical values of numbers and children's overall awareness of numbers.

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    ASI OPEN 2020 487
    Maths on Flags: Mindset Maths through Golf

    New for 2021 these resources are a fun way to explore maths through golf – there are also prizes to be won!

    From pars to handicaps, wind speed to distance, ball trajectory to the slant of the green, almost every aspect of golf relies on numerical calculation.

    Developed by Winning Scotland and Aberdeen Standard Investments in support of the Making Maths Count ambition to engage more pupils in maths in real-life contexts