Test your numeracy, logic and creativity skills with the Maths Week Scotland challenges.

Every day during Maths Week Scotland a new puzzle is set by the Deputy First Minister. See if you can work together to solve them!

DFM Challenges 03

Problem 1: Strikers

It was the 2017 season when Rovers won the league with that fabulous striking trio of McAnish, McBurnie and McClure scoring all the goals. How many did they score? Well,

  • McAnish and McBurnie scored 48 between them,
  • McBurnie and McClure scored 43 between them,
  • McClure and McAnish scored 57 between them.

That should be enough information to discover how many goals the strikers scored individually. Can you work it out? Explain your answer carefully.

If you need a hint to get started check out the video below from BBC Scotland featuring Chris Smith

DFM Challenges 02

Problem 2: Number triangle

This problem is about finding the numbers inside a triangle.

Looking at the number triangle in the video here, answer the following question:

Which number should go in the section marked with a star?

Need a hint?

  • Can you work out the smallest number first?
  • What are the different number pairs that can make 8?
  • Are any of them impossible in this number triangle?

You can only use a number once in the triangle!

DFM Challenges 01

Problem 3: Fractions of a square

This problem is all about working out the fraction that triangles take up inside a square.

Looking at the three squares shown in the video, answer the following question:

What fraction of each of the squares is coloured blue?

DFM Square
DFM Challenges 04

Problem 4: Painting the fence

How many painters? How many days? For Problem 4 you'll need your skills of arithmetic.

Use the video to answer the questions:

a) How many days did it take to paint the East fence?

b) How many painters painted the South fence?

c) How many painters painted the West fence?

DFM Challenges 06

Problem 5: Coins

Here's the information we've been given:

  • Samira and Dougie:
    • Samira has 60 coins and Dougie has 100
    • Samira gives Dougie a third of her coins
    • Dougie then gives Samira a third of his coins
  • Mateusz and Grace:
    • We don't know how many coins Mateusz and Grace have to begin with
    • Mateusz gives Grace a quarter of his coins
    • Grace then gives him a quarter of her coins
    • They end up with 90 coins each

Use the information to answer the following questions:

a) How many coins do Samira and Dougie now have?

b) How many coins did Mateusz have to begin with?

DFM Challenges 05

Problem 6: Keeping fit

Problem 6 is about tracking the simultaneous movements of two people.

  • Dan and Angus walk and run at the same speed as each other.
  • Their running speed is twice as fast as their walking speed.
  • They walk and run on a path that passes their house on an east-west line.
  • Monday:
    • Dan runs east for 8 minutes, then sits on a bench.
    • Angus runs west for 4 minutes, then turns around and walks until he finds Dan.
  • Tuesday:
    • Dan runs east for 15 minutes, then turns around and walks towards Angus.
    • Angus runs west for 15 minutes, then turns around and runs towards Dan.
  • Wednesday:
    • Dan walks east for 6 minutes, runs in the same direction for 6 more minutes and then turns around and runs towards Angus.
    • Angus runs east for 6 minutes, turns and walks west for 6 more minutes and then turns around and runs towards Dan.

Use the information to answer the following questions:

a) How long does Angus' walk take on Monday?

b) How many minutes after turning around do they meet on Tuesday?

c) How many minutes after turning around do they meet on Wednesday?

DFM Challenges 07

Problem 7: Lottery Win

The information we have been given is:

  • A lottery win is shared among three people
  • Allan gets 20% more than Jane
  • Allan gets 25% more than Sinead
  • Jane's share is £3600

Use the information to answer the question:

How much does Sinead receive?


Inspired by the annual Mathématiques sans Frontières contest, this mini-competition is for any class to complete together.

Maths Wi Nae Borders is now closed to entries.

Congratulations to the Maths Wi Nae Borders 2020 winner Class S2-1W from George Heriot's School!

Special mentions to West Calder High School, Elgin Academy and Livingston Primary for outstanding entries.

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Calling all maths artists!

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Last year thousands of pupils competed against other classes across the country to be in with the chance of winning great prizes. Troon Primary School nabbed the top spot with an average of 937/1000 correct answers - can your class beat them this year?

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