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Storytelling with STEM Ambassadors

This week is STEM Ambassadors in Scotland Week and they are celebrating with the theme Storytelling. Join them for a week (and more!) of events and fantastic storytelling resources. If you are looking for inspiration for mathematical stories for your own story time session then check out our Maths Week Scotland book suggestions. Stories and activities around those stories are a fantastic way to get kids talking about maths.

Who are STEM Ambassadors?

STEM Ambassadors are volunteers who work in or study a STEM field with a passion for working with young people to shine a light on the different opportunities available. All volunteers are trained and have a PVG and can support in lots of different ways. The STEM Ambassadors in Scotland Hub supports you to make the most out of the programme, making it easier to engage with STEM and to find resources, opportunities and people to bring it to life.

STEM Ambassadors in Maths Week Scotland

STEM Ambassadors have taken part every year in Maths Week Scotland and even have a dedicated section of maths resources on their website. We've loved seeing Ambassadors enthuse about the maths in their jobs.

As well as visiting classes and groups, STEM Ambassadors took part in our #ShowYourWorking campaign sharing their work on social media.

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Highlight Events and Activities

STEM Career Stories (Secondary) - Email STEM Ambassadors a question and receive a personalised video in response from a variety of careers - Ask a Question

How to Build STEM-azing Structures (Primary) - Wed 1 Feb - Story Session all about construction and STEMazing structures with STEM Ambassador Anne Okafor - Book a Place

STEM Ambassador Book Club (STEM Ambassadors) - Web 1 Feb - Discover a new book aimed at young people, discuss the STEM links and see an activity to try to link to the story. Perfect to get ideas for your own volunteering - Book a Place

Welcome Session (STEM Ambassadors) - Fri 28 Feb - Find out more about the STEM Ambassadors programme and how you can become a STEM Ambassador - Book a Place

Become a STEM Ambassador

If you work in a STEM industry or are passionate about STEM, find out how to become a STEM Ambassador on their website or head to one of their online Welcome Events. It can be as little or as much time commitment as you like and you can decide which age groups you work with. Sessions can be delivered online, in schools or through facilitated trips to your place of work. Or if you don't fancy speaking in front of a group you can help teachers or group leaders to develop their own sessions with examples from your industry.

Request a STEM Ambassador

Whether you are a teacher, lecturer, college tutor, early years practitioner or extra curricular group leader you can request STEM Ambassador support to bring your sessions to life and make links with the world of work.

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STEM Ambassadors in Scotland

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