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Spring & Easter Puzzles

Now that Spring is here, it's not long until the Easter school holidays. We've put together a selection of Spring and Easter puzzles covering a range of different maths skills including counting, pattern recognition, logical thinking, code breaking, and using tessellation or symmetry to create designs. You can download PDFs of all our puzzles below - they're perfect for some end of term fun at school or as a boredom buster during the holidays.

Spring Sudoku Preview

Spring Sudoku

In our Spring Sudoku, use your pattern recognition and logical thinking skills to complete the floral patterns. Cut out the flowers and place them on the grid so that you have one flower of each colour in every row, column and 2x2 or 3x2 block. There are two different levels of difficulty to choose from.

>> Download Spring Sudoku Level 1

>> Download Spring Sudoku Level 2

Spring Code Cracker Previews

Spring Time Code Cracker

The punchlines to five Spring time and Easter jokes have been encrypted as secret messages, using Pigpen Cipher. Can you crack the code?

You can also have a go at encrypting your own secret messages, using our Cryptography resource developed by the Open University, with five different ciphers to choose from.

>> Download Code Cracker Challenge

>> Download Cryptography Resource

Spring Logic Puzzle Preview

City Trip Logic Puzzle

Four friends are chatting about their plans for the Easter holidays. They are all going on city trips to Europe with their families. Can you work out where each friend is going and what colour their suitcase is? There are two levels of difficulty to choose from. In Level 2, you'll also need to work out which souvenir they plan to buy on their holiday.

>> Download Logic Puzzle Level 1

>> Download Logic Puzzle Level 2

Egg Hunt Preview

Easter Egg Hunt

Get ready for some seasonal counting fun! How many of each of egg can you find? For a bonus activity, colour in each type of egg with a different colour.

>> Download Easter Egg Hunt Activity Sheet

Design an Egg Preview

Design an Easter Egg

Use geometric shapes, tessellating patterns of symmetry to design an Easter egg with a mathematical twist. There are two templates to choose from - one has a blank egg, and the other includes some extra guidelines for creating symmetrical designs.

>> Download Easter Egg Design Templates

Easter Mystery Pic Preview

Block Coordinates Mystery Easter Picture

In this puzzle, we're testing your skills in reading co-ordinates. Fill the squares on the grid with the correct colours, with the help of the co-ordinates, to reveal our seasonal mystery picture!

>> Download Mystery Picture Activity Sheet

We love to see people doing our activities, so feel free to share photos of your Easter puzzles on Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag #MathsWeekScot and tag us in!

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