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To a (Shape) Mouse

“Wee, sleekit, cowrin, tim’rous beastie, O, what a panic’s in thy breastie!”

We're getting creative for Burns Night this week! Robert Burns (25 January 1759 – 21 July 1796), also know as Rabbie Burns, was a Scottish poet and lyricist. He is regarded as the national poet of Scotland, and celebrated worldwide on his birthday. Our wee shape activity honours one of his most well known poems, 'To a Mouse', and is a fun way to include some maths in your Burns celebrations.

To recreate our shape mice, all you need is some coloured card or paper, a pair of scissors, and some glue. Simply cut out shapes in different sizes, and arrange them together to make the mice. We've gone for a large rectangle, circle and square for the bodies, triangles for the heads and tails, small rectangles for the arms and legs, and different sizes of circles for the ears and eyes. Glue the shapes together to makes pictures or cards, or keep the shapes loose for open ended shape puzzle play.

Shape Mice Shapes

For younger children, you can prepare the shapes for them in advance. Older children can cut the shapes out themselves. Get creative and see what other shapes you can use - how about a pentagon or a hexagon mouse? Happy Burns Night - and don't forget to share pictures of your mice with us!

Shape Mice 01

If you create your own shape mice we would love to see some pictures - please feel free to share them on Facebook or Twitter and tag us in!

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