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How can we use music and dance to explore mathematical concepts? We teamed up with Science Ceilidh to find out.

Get your dancing shoes on and explore symmetry and data collection through ceilidh dance. These activities can be done with a whole class, small groups or objects on a tabletop.

Lewis and Caity from Science Ceilidh show us how it is done.

Ceilidh Counts

Suitable for First & Second Level

Ceilidh Counts is a lesson plan supporting investigation and measurement in a primary context through maths, dance and creativity! Includes downloadable teachers pack and PowerPoint.

(Supports MNU 1-20A, MNU 1-20B, EXA 1-10A, MNU 2-20B)

Dancing Reel Symmetries

Suitable for Second Level, Third Level & Fourth Level

Dancing Reel Symmetries explore the symmetries of the square through some of the traditional dances we know and love and encourage students to create their own new dances. Includes video (see above), downloadable teachers pack, and symmetries square tool.

(Supports EXA 2-08A, MTH 2-19A, MTH 3-19A, MTH 4-19A)

A fraction musical!

Suitable for Second Level & Third Level

A Fraction Musical! is a full lesson plan exploring fractions (including equivalence and addition) through music. Includes a downloadable set of musical domino games, video and audio files to support the lesson.

(Supports EXA 2-16A, EXA 2-17A, MTH 3-07B, MTH 3-07C)

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