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Maths Week Scotland 2023: Maths in Motion

We've barely caught our breath from last year's festivities when we're on to planning this year. We're delighted to announce Maths Week Scotland will be back for 2023!

Maths Week Scotland will take place 25 September - 1 October 2023 and the theme will be Maths in Motion. Put your planning hats on and get creative with the theme or take a look at our suggestions below:

Sporting Success

How do top athletes use maths to improve the performance and keep beating those personal bests? Eilish McColgan chatted to us back in 2020 about how maths is important in keeping her going across the finish line. Can you find other examples of maths in sport?

Picture It

If a film advertised itself as 'Starring... TRIANGLES' you might give it a miss but that's exactly what your favourite animated characters are. Animators model characters using different shapes and then colour them in taking into account the angle of light source and vision. Even lower tech methods like stop motion requires mathematical knowledge of ratios and rotation to make the film realistic.

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Go With the Flow

Whether it's water, crowds or traffic analyzing flows is important. Find out how stadiums safely plan capacity and how taps always give us clean drinking water. Here a school have had a go with a marble run!

Reach for the Stars

Mathematicians and maths are integral to space missions. From calculating trajectories to loading cargo calculations keep everyone safe and enable humans to explore further than ever before. And what a good excuse to re-watch Hidden Figures to feel inspired!

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Move Yourself

We've loved seeing maths getting out of the classroom into the playground over the last few years and next year is the perfect chance. Cover classroom topics using outdoor games and movement.

Moving Through Time

Time is used to quantify, measure or compare the duration of events or the intervals between them - helping us to plan our lives. whilst the evolution of time takes us from early time keeping with sun dials - which are all about lines and angles - all the way through to modern day clocks, that can measure time down to fractions of a second.


Take a look at all the different ways people interpreted our Beauty of Maths theme last year, in our round up blog post.

If you are an individual, organisation, museum, gallery, science centre or anyone else who would like to get involved in hosting a Maths Week Scotland event or creating a resource get in touch with info@mathsweek,scot.

If you are a school wanting to be the first to hear about new events and resources for Maths Week Scotland 2023 then put yourself on the map.

Keep an eye out on Twitter and Facebook for updates.

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