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Maths Week Scotland 2022: Beauty of Maths

Maths Week Scotland will be back 26 September - 2 October with the theme Beauty of Maths exploring the beauty and creativity in the world of maths. For some mathematicians that may be the elegance of a mathematical solution and to others the beautiful visual patterns created by their work.

We will also discover the maths underlying art and music. Take a peek at some of last years creative activities to get inspired.

Carolside Boomwhackers
Some celebrations were a little bit loud with musical maths!
Gairloch workshops
Gairloch Museum invited local primary schools to find out about their weaving history and create their own patterns
St Bridgets Maths Art
These colourful Curves of Pursuit displays brightened up Maths Week Scotland 2021
Segerman photo
Dr Henry Segerman took us on a journey through their work in mathematical visualization: making accurate, effective, and beautiful pictures, models, and experiences of mathematical concepts


This year we will have a mix of digital and in person events. check with your local science centre or museum to see if they are running any events. You can find out what local museums got up to in 2021 here.


Downloadable activity packs for classroom activities will be available from June 2022, you can also take a look at our ideas and inspirations page to get planning your own celebrations in school plus find year round resources.

If you want to receive more information about events and resources for schools pin your school to the map.


If you are looking to take part in Maths Week Scotland email info@mathsweek.scot. Funding schemes will be available for up to £7,000 and we can support you to develop resources and events.


Join in with #ShowYourWorking on Twitter by sharing the maths in your work. Find great examples of maths in a wide range of careers and encourage parents and carers to take part too. This year we are particularly looking for examples in creative industries.

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