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Maths and The Arts: Where Magic Takes Form!

Continuing with out ShowYourWorking campaign, which aims to highlight how maths is relevant in a wide variety of jobs and sectors, we have another guest post today, this time from Claire Doyle from 3Theatre in Edinburgh.

Maths and The Arts: Where Magic Takes Form!

Happy Math Week from all of us at 3Theatre! 🌟 Ever wondered why maths matters? Curious about the perks of studying maths and its connection to the Arts? Let's explore the fascinating world where maths and creativity intertwine!

From music’s rhythmic precision to acting's timing, mathematical threads weave through every artistic profession. Singing's harmony, stage design's geometry, costumes' measurements, the physics of dance – maths unites them all.

SYW Claire performing arts teacher

Want to know more?

Dance and Movement:

Interpreting music and counting measured beats, embracing geometry and physics – maths fuels the precision and grace in dance. Balance, symmetry, and control elevate movement, letting dancers push boundaries while ensuring safety. We dance to the rhythm of maths!

Stage and Lighting Design:

Unveiling the Artistry of Maths. From set layouts to precise angles and physics of lighting and sound design, mathematics shapes the visual enchantment of performances. Every spotlight, every prop, guided by geometric elegance. Step into the equation of artistic brilliance!

Costume Design:

There are mathematical marvels shaping every intricate fold and stitch of costumes and their design. Proportions, symmetry, and measurements – all work together to bring characters to life on the stage and screen.


The Maths Behind the Scenes: Timing, script analysis, memory techniques, noting patterns – acting resonates with math! An actor is also the master of angles, movement, and the geometry of stagecraft.

Music/Singing/Music Production:

Musical harmony and mathematical rhythms combine to create enchanting symphonies. From notes, and time signatures to numbers, musicians master both worlds to compose pure magic.

The beauty of singing is intertwined with mathematics. From pitch ratios, rhythm, frequency, harmonies, and scales. We need to understand and master many skills to create and deliver a performance that touches hearts!

From crafting beats to shaping soundscapes, mathematics also powers the digital realm of music. Dive into music production to witness maths' melodic magic.

You can find out more about 3Theatre at or follow Claire on Instagram.

Photograph of Claire by Andrea Thomson Photography.

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