Glasgow’s Forth & Clyde Canal Engineering Trail

Glasgow 1st Jan-31st Dec All day Free
Stockingfield Bridge

This self-led walk along Glasgow’s Forth & Clyde Canal will take you through the history of the city as well as that of Scotland itself. You’ll find out about how the Forth & Clyde Canal was shaped by East/West rivalry, global conflict and even the Jacobite uprisings. The walk starts at Pinkston Watersports Centre, via Speirs Wharf, the Claypits Local Nature Reserve, and along the canal towpath as far as the Kelvin aqueduct. Along the way, you can explore the engineering of the canal and it’s structures, learning why they were built, how they work and the impact they’ve had on the surrounding communities for the last 250 years.

Available all year round. Download the trail via the link below.

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