Maths in Motion: Community Learning Resource

We’re delighted to be launching a new community learning resource pack this year which contains ways for adult learners and families to celebrate and enjoy Maths Week Scotland. The pack is hosted on the platform Thinglink. If you’ve never used a Thinglink before, there’s a quick guide below.

Community Learning Thinglink

The pack takes the theme for 2023 Maths in Motion and shows how there are numbers in almost everything that we do and think about. We hope that community based learners of all ages will enjoy the suggested activities and that this will lead to new ways of thinking about, and playing with, numbers and maths.

Open the pack via the link below, and read on for an overview of what's inside plus a quick guide to using Thinglink.


  • Stepping up your numeracy game shows how walking and exercise is not only good for your health but can also help you develop your numeracy skills.
  • Maths and maps highlights how we use numeracy when we read maps and think about where we are in the world.
  • Climate change offers some ideas for thinking about numbers and the impact of climate change on the planet.
  • Maths in stop motion shows how you can use numeracy to make simple animations. And also how you can use animations to demonstrate simple number and maths concepts.
  • In Maths in the workplace you can hear how a young engineering apprentice didn’t get the grades he needed in maths at school but now he’s studying for a degree. You can also hear adults talking about how they use numeracy in their day to day work in farming, design, healthcare and sport.
  • And finally in More resources there are links to places where you can get help with numeracy and some ideas for numeracy tutors.

To help you use the pack we’ve included some guidance if you are studying for qualifications and flagged up the numeracy skills in the different activities.

We hope you’ll enjoy this new resource and we’d love to hear from you if you use it. What worked well? What could be improved? And anything you’d like to see added? Get in touch via

How to Use Thinglink

If you’ve never used a Thinglink before here is a guide to the symbols:

Thinglink Instructions

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