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    Women in Maths

    Maths Week Scotland interviewed women for whom maths is at the core of their job. Whether it is statistics, bridges or budgets these women rely on maths every single day.

    Kids (and adults!) often struggle to identify why maths is useful unless they want to be a maths teacher or banker. Watch these videos together and talk about how maths is important in a huge range of jobs - whatever your interest!

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    Lochdonia Manor
    Escape from Lochdonia Manor

    Use your logic, numeracy skills and your wits to escape Lochdonia Manor.

    Work your way through the rooms, find the codes and defeat the guard!

    Created by the Scottish Mathematical Council

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    Castle Trail Header edit
    Castle Quest at Edinburgh Castle

    How did maths build the castle? How did division help people survive a seige?

    Explore Edinburgh Castle and your local area through maths eyes with our activities aimed at P5-7 pupils.

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    Maths Ceilidh

    How can we use music and dance to explore mathematical concepts? We teamed up with Science Ceilidh to find out.

    Get your dancing shoes on and explore symmetry and data collection through ceilidh dance. These activities can be done with a whole class, small groups or objects on a tabletop.

    Lewis and Caity from Science Ceilidh show us how it is done.

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    2019 10 06 CAT 009
    Maths Outdoors

    Take maths outdoors with these 25 outdoor games from Juliet Robertson.

    Photo by Andy Catlin

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    British Science Festival 2018 Friday 6
    Online Talk: Driving is a Risky Business

    Road safety is vital for everyone.Whether we drive or cycle, catch the bus or walk, we are all affected by driving – and the policies surrounding it. How do we therefore decide whether people with long-term medical conditions should be offered driving licenses?

    Dr Laura Bonnett, a medical statistician at the University of Liverpool and the Royal Statistical Society’s William Guy lecturer for 2020, will seek to answer this question for people who have had epileptic seizures.

    This talk was recorded during Maths Week Scotland 2020. It covers includes

    • Probability
    • Percentages
    • Estimates
    • Risk thresholds
    • Confidence intervals
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    RSS strapline logo
    Irn Bru Data Collection

    Created by the Royal Statistical Society, this activity get learners thinking about how information is collected and introduces some simple approaches to visualise the data that they have collected.

    Using a data collection app, students will be be introduced to bar charts, dot plots and pie charts.

    They can get creative and produce their own data visualisations to find out how their class really feels about Irn Bru...

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    2019 10 01 CAT 01
    STEM Ambassadors

    STEM Ambassadors visit classes to share how they use maths in their roles for Maths Week Scotland. Their offer includes:

    • Virtual STEM Ambassador sessions
    • Online resources
    • Online CPD

    Head over to the Careers Carnival for pre-recorded videos of STEM Ambassadors about their careers in maths, engineering and space amongst others!

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    Treasure Trail kids
    Treasure Trails and Escape Rooms

    You can turn your home into an escape room with this code solving game made by Anderston Primary School for Maths Week Scotland.

    If you live near Anderston or Kelvingrove Park, turn your daily walk into an adventure solving problems and finding clues with treasure trails created by Anderston Primary School. Find out how via the Anderston Primary School Website below.

    Have you created your own for your local area? Share with us @MathsWeekScot on Twitter or via email

    Children need to be accompanied by an adult and social distancing measure observed at all times.

    Funding for the trails were from the Maths Week Scotland Small Grants Fund. Content for the day developed by school staff with support from the Parent Council.

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    Image Join and Cut game
    Strategy Games

    Use strategy games and transport network to explore maths in the classroom.

    These videos and puzzles look to develop mathematical thinking and problem solving skills. Each includes tips and advice for how to complete.

    Created by University of Edinburgh.

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    2019 04 10 RA 050
    University of Edinburgh Maths Week at Work

    Join a video game programmer, actuary, transport planner and academic as they discuss how they use maths in their jobs.

    Each video features a maths problem faced by them in their careers to try and solve.

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    Royal Institution

    Soap bubbles, paper folding, computers and bridges are all inspiration for these Primary School activity ideas from the Royal Institution.

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    Climate Change and Mathematics
    Maths in Climate Change

    Climate Change is one of the biggest issues that we are currently facing, but did you know that there is actually a lot of maths behind it?

    See some of the number crunching that Climate Scientists do in their fight to save our planet!

    Created by University of Edinburgh

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    Screenshot 2020 09 28 at 00 15 37
    Kjartan Poskitt's Fun Maths Videos

    Kjartan Poskitt, author of the Murderous Maths books, wows with maths tricks to try yourself in class

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    Scratch dancing characters preview
    Code a Dancer with Scratch

    Try your hand at coding and bring a character to life with code in Scratch! Follow along with Claire Quigley from Glasgow Life to try the example below of a “Counting Sheep” to see how it’s done, or watch our video at and then share your animation!

    Content created by Science Ceilidh

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    Extra Cropped Front Page
    Castle Quest

    How did maths shape the castle? How did the radius of a circle help people survive a seige?

    Explore Edinburgh Castle through maths with the whole family. Aimed at children aged 7-11.

    Adapted for use at home to support remote learning.

    Produced by National Museums Scotland, Historic Environment Scotland and The Regimental Museums in Edinburgh Castle

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    Screen shot 2021 09 14 at 120726
    Maths Trail at National Museum of Scotland

    Explore the National Museum of Scotland with a maths lens! Suitable for families or school classes.

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    Cryptography Challenge Preview 1200x675
    Cryptography Challenge

    Five exhibits at National Museum of Scotland have been written in code! Can you use your code breaking skills to find out what they are?

    Created by Open University Faculty of STEM

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    Games about mathematicians

    The Parent Council at Anderston Primary have created a series of games about a range of mathematicians. Each game should take around 20 minutes to play and can be done using an app or simply solved on paper (although an adult will be needed to check the codes are correct!)

    The games are suitable for people working at Maths Level 2 (usually upper primary or roughly ages 8 – 11).

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    Rainbow Quiz Image
    BBC Rainbow Quizzes

    The Rainbow Quiz is a set of audio quizzes for First Level classes, presented by BBC Scotland's Catriona Shearer.