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Maths in Motion Sports Quiz

Measurements, times, scores...numbers are everywhere in sport!

Our sporty maths quiz, featuring none other than the BBC's David Currie as quizmaster, challenges pupils to explore the maths behind different sports - from rollerblading, curling and golf, to gymnastics, horse riding, diving and more!

Watch the video below for instructions on how to run the quiz with a class. Best suited for Second Level.

How to Play

Before You Start...

Before you start, we suggest you check out all the questions and answers in the PDFs for teachers (see below) to decide which rounds are right for your class, and how many rounds you want to play. The rounds get progressively harder, and cover a range of maths concepts.

Decide whether your class are playing individually or in teams, and print off enough answer sheets for the children to record their quiz answers.

The Quiz

For Teachers

PDFs of all the questions and answers:

The Maths in Motion Sports Quiz is presented by David Currie. It was developed and produced by Anne McNaught. The primary maths consultant is Grace McKelvie, and the sports consultant is Scott Currie (no relation to David!). The 'How to Play' video was produced by Johanna Hall.

Huge thanks to the staff and P6 pupils at Pirie Park Primary School, and to BBC Scotland Sport, Rob Heatly at Scottish Swimming, and Scottish Student Trampolining.

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