Intergalactic Adventure - Challenge 5

Ready for a mathematical space adventure? Complete your Intergalactic Passport Application Form and prepare for a journey to the Planet Turasmara.

Created by Scottish Mathematical Council


Challenge 5: Travel Problems

The largest river on Turasmara is Abhainn Mhòr. When the river needs to be crossed they use a space shuttle boat, but there are some alien species on Turasmara that cannot travel together.

  • The Flig cannot be near a Nwen as the Flig might eat the Nwen.
  • The Nwen cannot be near a Mlunka as the Nwen might eat the Mlunka.
  • The Flig and Mlunka CAN be together because Fligs are quite picky with their food and don’t like the taste of Mlunkas!

You have a Flig, a Nwen and a Mlunka all wanting to cross the river, but only one space shuttle boat.

Can you work out a way to get them all across safely?

Character Image

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