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  • Scouts Scotland Fordell Firs 0465

    How we use maths in Scouts Scotland

    Have you ever been orienteering? Out on a hill, or maybe a woodland, working with friends to follow a map and find those little markers hidden around a trail. Having great fun in the outdoors, staying just on the right side of not getting lost. Do you realise you were learning maths skills while you were doing it?

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  • The Countdown is On Featured 01 01

    The countdown is on to Maths Week Scotland 2020!

    With just under two weeks to go, people all over Scotland are preparing for Maths Week Scotland 2020 which will take place from 28 September – 4 October this year.

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  • MWS General 01

    Maths Week Scotland 2020

    Maths Week Scotland will be back for 2020 this year jam packed with online events, competitions and activities for getting out and about with maths.

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  • 2019 04 10 RA 025 1

    Small Grants Fund

    Don’t let a lack of funds stop you from taking part in Maths Week Scotland. Apply for financial help through the Small Grants Fund scheme.

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    Women in Maths (Part 2)

    To celebrate women in Maths Day (12 May) we interviewed six women with maths at the core of their role and will be releasing the videos throughout May.

    Our next two videos are women who work with large numbers which affect all of our lives. Kate Forbes is the Cabinet Secretary for Finance for Scotland and Esther Roughsedge is a Statistician at National Records of Scotland.

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  • Enchanted Forest

    Women in Maths (Part 1)

    Women in Maths day celebrates achievements of women in maths around the world. We caught up with six women working in a range of roles with maths at it's core.

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  • News header sunflower

    Every Week is Maths Week: Earth Day

    Today is Earth Day! Earth Day celebrates global efforts to tackle climate issues, from political steps such as the Paris Agreement to individual efforts of recycling and reusing.

    In celebration of Earth Day we are looking at maths in the environment and how maths can help us protect it.

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  • Plain header pink

    Maths at Home: Teacher Resources

    Today may be a very different start of term for Scotland but there are still plenty of ways your pupils can enjoy maths from home.

    We have adapted and collated our best resources to support and complement remote learning.

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    COVID-19 Update

    In response to the impact of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) we have cancelled face-to-face events for the next few months. We will be reviewing the impact of COVID-19 on future events including Maths Week Scotland 2020 regularly and updating this page.

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  • News header awards season Sumdog

    Awards Season: Sumdog

    Lucky winners from our Sumdog and Maths wi nae Borders 2019 competitions celebrate their achievements with trophies, vouchers, pizza and private tours of parliament...!

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  • News header awards seasons MWNB

    Awards Season: Maths Wi Nae Borders

    Lucky winners from our Sumdog and Maths wi nae Borders 2019 competitions celebrate their achievements with trophies, vouchers, pizza and private tours of parliament...!

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  • News header maths week 2020

    Maths Week Scotland: 28 September - 4 October 2020

    We had so much fun last year, we are going to do it all over again! Maths Week Scotland will take place 28 September - 4 October 2020.

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  • News header new year big changes

    New Year, Big Changes

    Hit the gym? Save more money? Eat healthy?

    We've gone for something a bit different with our New Year resolution.

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  • News header school week roundup

    School Week Round Up 2019

    It's the end of the school week for Maths Week Scotland and what a week it's been! We've loved seeing such a range of activity in schools on Twitter from careers to ceilidhs, thanks to everyone who's shared their Maths Week Scotland with us. So what has everyone learnt at school this week?

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  • News header super saturday

    Super Saturday 2019

    It’s Friday and that can only mean one thing - it's Super Saturday tomorrow for Maths Week Scotland! We've got events for all ages happening in Glasgow, Dundee, Edinburgh and Midlothian.

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  • News header compete this mws

    Compete this Maths Week Scotland

    We’ve got all sorts of competitions for schools (and individuals) to get involved in this Maths Week Scotland! Whether you or your students enjoy games, challenges, photography or just playing to win, there’s something for everyone.

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  • News header community learning 2019

    Community Learning and Development for Maths Week Scotland

    Across Scotland, Community Learning and Development (CLD) works to empower people of all ages to work individually or collectively to make positive changes in their lives and communities through learning, personal development and active citizenship. Find out how to get involved this Maths Week Scotland.

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  • News header parents carers grandparents

    For Parents, Carers and Grandparents...

    How do you feel about maths? Do you feel confident encouraging and supporting your child’s maths learning and homework? Do the questions they ask make you feel uncomfortable? If they do then you are not alone. A guest post from Joe McLachlan.

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  • News header whats on for adults 2019

    What's On: A Maths Week 2019 Guide for Adults

    Not only are there loads of activities going on for schools and families during Maths Week Scotland, there’s plenty for adults to do too. So what’s going on near you between 30 September and 6 October?

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  • News header maths week 2019

    Maths Week Scotland 2019

    Maths Week Scotland 2019 will be back 30 September - 6 October with more events in more locations showcasing more maths than ever before!

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  • News header mirror pillar

    Reflecting on the Mirror Pillar

    Shoppers and travellers in Edinburgh and Glasgow got hands on with a bit of mathematical creativity in May.

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