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Holiday Countdown Highlights

Before we disappear for a break over the Christmas and New Year holidays, we wanted to say a massive thank you for the phenomenal response we've had to our holiday countdown. We have loved hearing from families and schools joining in, and have rounded up some of the pictures that have been shared with us.

Roll-a-Snowflake & Christmas Code Cracker

Baking Sugar Cookies

Festive Lego Building

Collaborative Drawings

Festive Sudoku & Coordinates Mystery Picture

Sierpinski Christmas Tree

Decorate-a-Tree Race

Number Doodles

Geometric Doodles & Tessellating Trees

Binary Code Ornaments

If you want to do any of the activities over the school holidays, you can find them all on our Christmas Holiday Countdown page. And please keep sharing your photos too, and we'll update this post - you can tag us on Facebook or Twitter.

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