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Edinburgh Science Festival: One World

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This year Edinburgh Science Festival (26 June - 11 July) explores how science connects us. We've rounded up our top six maths events from the festival. Which is your favourite?

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Mathematics of Voting Systems

How do different voting systems affect who is elected into power? Voting systems vary around the world and even within the UK. Join Andrew Potter from Open University for an interactive game to try out the different systems across the UK and see how it affects the outcome.

Available free online throughout the festival.

Suitable for ages 12+

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Edinburgh's Mathematical History

Edinburgh is home has a rich mathematical history featuring figures such as Mary Somerville and Thomas Bayes. Take a walk through that history whilst trying your hand at puzzles and games by download one of three trails created by The University of Edinburgh.

Available free throughout festival.

Suitable for ages 5+

Shape and Symmetry Workshop

Use the principles of shape and symmetry to create beautiful artwork with Katie Steckles and Hana Ayoob. Katie and Hana will talk you through how to incorporate the principles of mandela design into your artwork.

Sunday 4 July

Free online workshop (Booking essential)

Suitable for 10+

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Art in Mathematics - Tiling and Patterns

If the Shape and Symmetry workshop has given you the bug for mathematical art then you can double up with this workshop the next day! Join the Open University to discover the patterns in crystals and create your own geometric design.

Monday 5 July

Free online workshop (Booking essential)

Suitable for 12+

Same Same, But Different - Using Maths to Understand Parasitic Worms

A billion people suffer from having parasitic worms, but how can maths help get rid of them?

Goylette Chami uses maths, medicine and geography to explore how understanding humans as a series of networks can help improve the quality of life.

Premiere and Q&A Monday 5 July

Available free online after premiere

Suitable for ages 12+

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Women in STEM Art Trail

A mural trail featuring campaigners, astronauts and coders these women all have amazing stories, and you can find their images around Edinburgh. Download the app or PDF and prepare to be inspired! Murals by Shona Hardie and Kerry Wilson

Available free throughout festival.

Suitable for all.

These are our top maths picks of the Science Festival but there is plenty more to explore! Find the full programme here.

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