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Staff and students at the University of Edinburgh are happy to deliver online workshops to schools, sharing their passion for Mathematics. Topics will depend on the age of the pupils, and may include "Climate Change and Mathematics", "The Mathematics of Arts", "Mathemagic tricks".

For further details, and to discuss about topics and possible dates, please contact Francesca Iezzi at

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Dekko Comics

The Scottish Friendly Children’s Book Tour with Dekko Comics

This year, Scottish Book Trust is bringing literacy, art and numeracy together with Rossie Stone of Dekko Comics who creates comic books to explore maths through illustration.

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SMM 2019 Education 2330 004 28th Sep-9th Oct

Scottish Maritime Museum - 'Ship to Shore' Online Learning workshops

Online All day Free

Scottish Maritime Museum's 'Ship to Shore' online workshops bring our STEM learning programme straight to the classroom, with 'real life' applications
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