The Brain as a Mathematical Object

Online 30th Sep 12.30pm-1.15pm Free
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Join us online to explore how the brain works on Thursday 30 September. The latest in our free STEM Exchange talk series – ‘Neurotopology: The Brain as a Mathematical Object’ – will be given by Professor Ran Levi.

What is the brain? We know it’s there and we more or less know what it’s there for. But how does it work? That age old question is occupying an ever growing number of scientists and theoreticians. There are many mathematical models of brain activity, but to date none is able to satisfactorily explain it.

We are delighted to have Professor Ran Levi present the point of view of topology on neuroscience. During the talk Ran will describe work done in the field, some remarkable achievements, and some of the work that he has been doing with collaborators.

How do I access this event?
This online talk is open to anyone curious in finding out more. You can register for free through our Eventbrite page.

As part of the online session, there will be time at the end for questions and answers. If you have a question you would like to submit prior to the talk just email it over to and we will ask this for you on the day.

Meet the Speaker
Professor Ran Levi works at the Institute of Mathematics of the University of Aberdeen. He is a leading topologist and has proved important results in mathematics. In addition to his research in pure maths, in recent years Professor Levi has also been a key player in researching applications of topology in neuroscience and has been actively working with the Blue Brain Project.

This talk has been supported by Maths Week Scotland.

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