Litter Detectives

Online 27th Sep 10.00am-10.30am Free
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Talking rubbish for Maths Week Scotland.

Litter detectives shows pupils how to collect and sort litter using pictograms, bar charts and pie charts. We will illustrate how different survey styles, counting versus weighting, yield very different results. Pupils will understand that survey styles and their visual representations can be sometimes misleading. Only the Litter Detectives can crack the case!

This presentation uses beach cleaning as a tool to help primary school pupils measure and analysis data, aimed at First and Second Level Pupils P2 - P6.

Curriculum for Excellence, Numeracy, Data and Analysis, MNU 1-20a and MNU 2-20a.

Speaker: Joan D’Arcy MSc PhD Geochemist, Environmental Scientist, STEM Coordinator. Joan has ten plus year experience in environmental research, ocean plastic pollution in Scotland and community outreach.

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