Code Your Own Data Selfie

Online 27th Sep 10.00am-10.50am Free
Code your own data selfie

Interactive hands-on lesson where pupils combine maths, art, and code to create their own data-driven self-portrait.

About this event

Join our YouTube livestreamed lesson where your pupils will combine maths, art, and code to create their own data-driven self-portrait.

In this practical workshop, pupils will learn about data visualisation and code a self-portrait using numerical personal data.

Our data experts will critique their self-portraits which will be showcased in our Maths Week Scotland online portrait gallery.

Participants will follow instructions to edit and customise JavaScript code to create data visualisations based on data they collect about themselves.

Important Info

Target age: P7 to S2

No additional software is required, only a modern web browser like Google Chrome.

Ideal setup:

  • Teacher plays the YouTube livestream on projector
  • Pupils take part individually on laptops

Supported by the Data Education in Schools team, based at the University of Edinburgh.

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