3D Shapes and their Properties

Online 1st Oct 9.30am-10.30am Free

This webinar is targeted at children and students in Scotland in P5-7 and S1-2, and their teachers. Teachers who sign up will be sent a link to a YouTube livestream so that the class can watch the event together. You’ll need minimal resources to take part - just half a dozen squares of paper for each pupil or group, and perhaps some coloured pens or pencils. Memo blocks or squares cut from an A6 notebook will be fine. During the webinar, there will be opportunities for teachers to submit comments and questions to the presenters via an online form, as well as sharing photos of any origami creations!

Fran and Alison are both former teachers and experienced presenters, especially on the topic of mathematical origami, so this event is guaranteed to enthuse and inspire!

Please book your place here.

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